A veritable bounty of goodies!

OK. I'm not going to lie... it's been a long week. I am soooo happy it's Friday!

First, I got my long-awaited special order of Malabrigo Sock yarn... 2200 yards of this deliciousness is now mine, all mine.

Malabrigo Sock - Terracotta

Second, you'll remember that I totally lucked into winning the amazing blogaversary giveaway at Twist Your Stitches. The package must have arrived on Wednesday... but I couldn't get it until now. That made me cranky, but believe you me, I was excited to get this box!

This picture is pretty much crap, but it'll have to do for the moment:

Goodies from Twist Your Stitches Blog Giveaway

Peeps, this is one amazing pile o' goodies! Many, many thanks to Rachel for it (go there and show her some love!)... I don't think I'll stop petting this yarn for a good long time.

What's in there? The cutest book (Sheep in a Shop), a pattern for a polka-dotted hat and mittens (mmm... polka spots!), chocolate, soap, lip blam! (not a typo -- reminds me of my childhood friend Linda who always said that, too), hand cream, an awesome button that looks like a stone, a BSA notebook with graph paper (love), a pocket full of posies (go here for the pattern), a pretty cheap project bag... and, um, YARNY GOODNESS.

Yes, I'm shouting. Yes, this yarn is amazing. I want to snuggle it. BSA Suri Merino in Dusk and Fog. Oh yeah... it's delightful. And maybe someday I'll be brave enough to knit with it!