The bats are following me...

OK, this is funny -- but only because I wasn't there!

At work tonight, one of my co-workers was telling me about last night's concert. It was quiet in the hall, and there was a little high-pitched squeaking/chittering sound... he looked up, and there was a BAT flying around in the concert hall. No kidding!

The funniest part? Kate commented on my previous post that one of the things I should be thankful for is "... a lack of bats." I got the notification of her comment within seconds of hearing about the bat at the concert!

Yipes... I hope he wasn't looking for me!


Giving Thanks

What are you thankful for? Friends, family, a good job, George-the-cat (most of the time!), stash overflowing... and the smell of apple crisp straight from the oven. Yum! Hope your Thanksgiving is a happy one.


Standard equipment...

Question: Is cruise control standard on cars today?

Answer: NO! If you're in the market, be sure to specify you want it if you do.

I learned this the hard way... I'm sitting at the dealer right now waiting for the paperwork to exchange my new car for another new car! Details later...
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Roomba -- a vaccuum or a carnival ride?

OK, when I think of a Roomba, I usually think of the SNL commercial... and want to stop thinking about the Roomba immediately! But I followed this link from mental_floss today, and it's 46 seconds of good clean amusement... it could be the centerpiece of a feline amusement park ;) Watch and smile. Then, imagine 25-lb George-the-cat attempting this...


Friday Flashback... on Thursday

I thought I'd borrow a page from Dorothy and do a "Friday Flashback," although it's only Thursday. You'll get over it :)

I snapped this not-so-great pic the other day when I went out for lunch... near the office, there are a bunch of ginko trees, and they were dropping their leaves. I immediately thought of eighth grade science class, where we were required to do a leaf collection. Pretty much everyone thought it was a waste of time -- especially our parents, who had to ferry us around trying to find enough different leaves to earn a respectable grade. Of course everyone could get the "usual" leaves and needles, like oak, pine and maple, but western Michigan wasn't exactly a overflowing with a wide variety of trees from which we could pluck samples.

But there *were* two ginko trees, outside the main entrance of a factory (I think) on a busy road in the next town. So my mom took me one afternoon, and I think I ended up running up the rather long sidewalk while she waited in the car, blocking a lane of traffic. Today, I wonder why I didn't collect a bunch of them, then sell them to my classmates :)

I think the trees are gone now... if memory serves, that location is now a Rite Aid. (Which of course, is directly across the street from Walgreens!)


Nine Holes in 15 Minutes

Nope, not the world's fastest trip through half a golf course, but my doctor's appointment this morning! I had to see the allergist, since he changed all my allergy and asthma meds two months ago. We're reasonably happy with my progress, so will stay the course for another four months and re-check before the joys of spring set in! I was diagnosed asthmatic 28 years ago, so this is all rather routine at this point. (Wow, did that make me sound OLD!)

Anyway... you're wondering about the holes, I'm sure ;) Doc insisted on an allergy skin test, which is much different than it was 28 years ago. There are eight prick sites on the inside of my right forearm, and, although they were extremely itchy, it was kind of fun (in a sick way) to watch how quickly they swelled up! As expected, I reacted strongly and quickly all eight of the allergens. Doc suggested I live in a bubble :) I'm all for it, as long as someone else will clean it... Any interest? The pay sucks, but I am mildly entertaining...

Then it was flu shot time... that went in my left arm, in the usual location. It doesn't hurt at the moment, but I always have a local reaction to it, so I expect I'll have soreness in that area for a few days. If I could ice the injection site, I wouldn't have the soreness, but I'm told that negatively affects the efficacy of the shot, so... we'll see. I really need to work on my birthday blocks for November this weekend, and another secret project... We'll see what happens!