New Glasses

So, you might remember that I can't wear contacts anymore. I'm still sad about that, but honestly, when my eyes feel the way they do today, I'm glad to not have anything extra in there!

I swear the eye doc said my prescription "didn't hardly change" several months ago when I last saw her. But I didn't look at the Rx, so I was surprised when I finally did a few weeks ago -- my right eye is .75 worse. Now I agree that's not a HUGE change, but if I had realized it was that much, I'd probably have gotten new glasses sooner!

Anyway. I selected them on Friday, and they should be ready at the end of this week.

These will be my regular glasses:

And these will have tinted lenses for sunglasses:

I can't hardly believe I picked out regular everyday glasses that are lime green! But the ones I have now are held together in one place with thread, and the bow/earpiece thingy is coming unwelded. They're basically junk, so I'm looking forward to being able to see better AND not having to worry about the lens falling out while walking through the grocery store. (Yes, that actually happened one day...)

Cute Overload

You've been warned :)

The San Diego Zoo has a Panda Cam. Well, actually, it's a BUNCH of Panda Cams that make up one totally sweet and adorable feed of real live pandas. There were (ice) birthday cakes earlier for the birthday celebrations... but the Panda Cam is a regular thing, so you can go watch anytime you need a little happy in your life. Enjoy!


Happy birthday to me!

I drove through a thunderstorm to get here, although you might be guessing that from the rain :) There's quite a line -- it's a new enough Sonic that there are still cops directing traffic! But mmmmmm fresh lemon slush...
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