New Glasses

So, you might remember that I can't wear contacts anymore. I'm still sad about that, but honestly, when my eyes feel the way they do today, I'm glad to not have anything extra in there!

I swear the eye doc said my prescription "didn't hardly change" several months ago when I last saw her. But I didn't look at the Rx, so I was surprised when I finally did a few weeks ago -- my right eye is .75 worse. Now I agree that's not a HUGE change, but if I had realized it was that much, I'd probably have gotten new glasses sooner!

Anyway. I selected them on Friday, and they should be ready at the end of this week.

These will be my regular glasses:

And these will have tinted lenses for sunglasses:

I can't hardly believe I picked out regular everyday glasses that are lime green! But the ones I have now are held together in one place with thread, and the bow/earpiece thingy is coming unwelded. They're basically junk, so I'm looking forward to being able to see better AND not having to worry about the lens falling out while walking through the grocery store. (Yes, that actually happened one day...)

Cute Overload

You've been warned :)

The San Diego Zoo has a Panda Cam. Well, actually, it's a BUNCH of Panda Cams that make up one totally sweet and adorable feed of real live pandas. There were (ice) birthday cakes earlier for the birthday celebrations... but the Panda Cam is a regular thing, so you can go watch anytime you need a little happy in your life. Enjoy!


Happy birthday to me!

I drove through a thunderstorm to get here, although you might be guessing that from the rain :) There's quite a line -- it's a new enough Sonic that there are still cops directing traffic! But mmmmmm fresh lemon slush...
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A veritable bounty of goodies!

OK. I'm not going to lie... it's been a long week. I am soooo happy it's Friday!

First, I got my long-awaited special order of Malabrigo Sock yarn... 2200 yards of this deliciousness is now mine, all mine.

Malabrigo Sock - Terracotta

Second, you'll remember that I totally lucked into winning the amazing blogaversary giveaway at Twist Your Stitches. The package must have arrived on Wednesday... but I couldn't get it until now. That made me cranky, but believe you me, I was excited to get this box!

This picture is pretty much crap, but it'll have to do for the moment:

Goodies from Twist Your Stitches Blog Giveaway

Peeps, this is one amazing pile o' goodies! Many, many thanks to Rachel for it (go there and show her some love!)... I don't think I'll stop petting this yarn for a good long time.

What's in there? The cutest book (Sheep in a Shop), a pattern for a polka-dotted hat and mittens (mmm... polka spots!), chocolate, soap, lip blam! (not a typo -- reminds me of my childhood friend Linda who always said that, too), hand cream, an awesome button that looks like a stone, a BSA notebook with graph paper (love), a pocket full of posies (go here for the pattern), a pretty cheap project bag... and, um, YARNY GOODNESS.

Yes, I'm shouting. Yes, this yarn is amazing. I want to snuggle it. BSA Suri Merino in Dusk and Fog. Oh yeah... it's delightful. And maybe someday I'll be brave enough to knit with it!


I know, I've been neglecting you...

Maybe I'll be better about posting... things have been more than a little nuts in the last while! I just enjoyed a mini-vacation with my mom and sister, and am looking forward to these half-day Fridays at work :) Now, if it weren't 90* today... and raining AGAIN.

In important news: I followed someone's Twitter link to Twist Your Stitches, and totally won an awesome blogaversary prize including Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino yarn and other goodies. Go visit -- you'll like it there! Rachel got added to my blogroll right away :)

And now, since it's 10 a.m. and I'm supposed to be working, I guess I'd better... I was already late to work this morning and the CEO opened the door for me, so my slacker ways are no longer a secret!


Giving people the finger...

My middle finger on my left hand triggered again yesterday. It continually surprises me -- when that finger doesn't work right, it really makes life more complicated!

I found out on Monday that I'm most likely not going to be able to wear contact lenses anymore. Prior to that, I last saw the eye doc three weeks ago, when we decided to order sample lenses of the daily disposables, since my eyes are hard to fit. (I have a difficult prescription due to the weird amount of astigmatism that needs to be corrected, and apparently an uncommonly shaped eye surface. Yeah, I knew you wanted to know that -- you're welcome!) So I scheduled a fit appointment, which was Monday at (gasp) 7:30a. The right lens is lovely, the left one hurts.

Turns out the bumps either haven't gone away or have come back. (Oh -- it's called giant papilloma conjunctivitis... I won't show you the pictures; if you're crazy enough to google it, you can live with the results. But don't say you weren't forewarned!) Since the primary cause of the bumps is wearing lenses, well, lenses are probably out. Minimum time before another attempt is 6 months, which probably means more than a year for me.

So, I'll have a full exam in three weeks (when she'll check the bumps again for progress!), and get new glasses... sigh.


Finished Neck Warmer

Here's my Faberge Neck Warmer thingy, modeled by my Eddie Bauer bear. (Funny, he might be the only stuffed animal I've ever had that doesn't really have a name!) Anyway, made of Malabrigo worsted in cinnabar, with beads and vintage buttons. This is basically a short scarf that buttons around the neck...

And yes, that's my as-yet-unfinished quilt from Carol Taylor's class in the background...