1. PR is a re-run this week.
  2. Although I've got a lot going on, there's nothing to talk about -- or I guess it would be more accurate to say nothing I can talk about right now.
  3. I decided that given the premise of #2, I had to drop the Walking in this World study group.
  4. That leaves the weather... and, well, that's not all that interesting either! It's cold and windy and icy. Heck, it's January -- what do you expect?!
How was that for blog post #101? Not very auspicious, I must say :)


Project Runway - Week #8 Challenge

What will today bring? Oh, Levi's... this could be fun! More than 500 pairs of jeans in different colors with matching white cotton by the yard. Very neat to see all the different tones and tints of denim... this is like a scrappy blue and white quilt!

OK, focus here :) Design an iconic piece in denim.... Your challenge: Use denim for something. Easy this week. It could be a patchwork denim picnic quilt, clothing restyle, throw pillow, curtain, tote bag... whatever. I'm sensing a trip to the thrift store for supplies!


Star Sighting

This never happens to me... I could walk by the most famous person in the world and not recognize him or her -- seriously. But I saw Paul McCrane (Dr. Robert Romano from ER, well, back in the day, I guess) in an airport today. Like walked right past him (almost into him). Crazy.



Sophie commented: I had to chase down that photo to find out WHAT she was sewing . . . harnesses for parachutes (in case anyone else is curious). The photos are fantastic. Thank you for telling us about them.

I apologize -- I previewed the post, and the flickr info appeared. I forgot that it would disappear in the final version! There were other parachute-related photos, but this one (so far, at least) is the only one that accurately returned a sewing machine when I searched the LOC collections for "Singer."

So, thanks to Sophie for the clarification, and to the rest for your patience!



Making harnesses, Mary Saverick stitching, Pioneer Parachute Company Mills, Manchester, Conn. (LOC)
Originally uploaded by The Library of Congress

Isn't this amazing? The Library of Congress has made more than 3,000 images available on Flickr, with virtually no usage restrictions. They're color photos (and slides) from the 1930s and 40s, and black and white images from a news service in the 1910s. Many of the color shots have particularly rich color, thanks to Kodachrome.

Definitely a place one could spend hours browsing... mental_floss has a well-edited selection here.

I can imagine creating some need art based on these photos...


Week #7 Challenge - Project Runway

Hmmm.... create an avant-garde look that is artistic and conceptual, inspired by your model's hairstyle. Frankly, all that hair scares me! You're welcome to incorporate the hair idea if you like, but I'm *not* making it part of this challenge.

Your challenge this week is to create something that is arty and conceptual, doesn't have to be practical in any way. I encourage you to play with new ideas, new or unusual materials, whatever strikes your fancy. For example, Debbie brought home a stash of office supplies to use in quilting... Nellie is working on a piece that will incorporate pieces of spiral binding...

OOOOooooohhhhh -- a twist! Both an avant-garde piece AND a prêt-à-porter piece (gosh, that movie was funny!). Can you translate your crazy vision to the "traditional"? I usually find it I work more the other way -- traditional with a twist, if you will -- so that could be a fun element to add!



Week #1 Check In for Walking in this World by Julia Cameron

A group of quilting.about.com forum members are reading this book, which is sort of a workbook for opening oneself to creativity. Yes, it's a little touchy-feely, ,but it's also very interesting to learn about what keeps us from fulfilling our creative dreams.

So, here's the rundown:
1) Morning Pages: 2/7, which isn't very good. I was surprised that these were hard to do -- not so much the time (I knew that would be hard!) but actually having enough to say for three pages.

2) Artist's Date: Yes, although it was more of a busman's holiday than a play date! I actually sat in the concert hall for an hour and listened to the music. My mind was free to wander (it's well-traveled after that hour!) but I just relaxed and tried to enjoy the experience. It was refreshing, and I left the concert feeling better than I did went I went in.

3) Walk: Nope. This is going to be my biggest problem, hands down. I've got to find a place and/or a way to do this -- given my asthma, I can't walk outdoors when it's cold. My artist's date this week did serve a similar function, though, so I refuse to feel guilty.

4) Tasks: I did the first two (What the Hell, Might as Well and Express Yourself). The first was easy, and the second was difficult. The third (Do Nothing) didn't happen. I do enough "almost nothing" as it is -- no need to encourage more, thanks!

I've been reading a little about productivity and personal organization this fall, and it struck me that some of what Julia is saying (take one baby step at a time and don't worry about the end product) is kind of like David Allen's GTD. Not exactly -- Getting Things Done is much more structured -- but the concept of just doing something without getting weighed down by the next ten things is very powerful. Difficult, sometimes, too!


Quilt Pink Progress

I *am* making some progress, finally, on these quilts for Quilt Pink. Forum members from quilting.about.com made 12" pink and white Ohio Star blocks back in September, for the monthly block lotto and for Quilt Pink. I really should count how many arrived for donations, along with some extra fabric scraps and one generous length of bubblegum pink backing.

My sister helped me sort the blocks into sets that play nicely together... I can't remember if we ended up with four or five sets. That requires several ideas -- so far I have two! This is one.

On the left is the set of 13 blocks we chose, arranged on point in the arrangement I want. There are two pair of matching blocks in this group, so I put them on opposite corners.

On the right is the beginning of the sashing, which will really make this setting special. (It's not all sewn yet -- just started!) I'm using quarter square triangles and cornerstones to make mini Ohio Stars in between. I'm also going to trim this field before adding the border(s) -- it's a little too floaty for me with all the white background, so I'll trim about an inch past the outside points, I think. It will float, but on a lake instead of an ocean!

Quilt Pink #1 - just the blocksQuilt Pink Quilt #1 - progress


Project Runway Week #7 Challenge

Here we meet again... are you ready to create memories?

Before the challenge, can I just say: I take exception to the statement that prom is one of the most important days in a woman's life. Yes, I went to prom, yes I was excited, yes I had a good time. But it wasn't like life revolved around it. Ever. I subscribe to the concept that TODAY is the most important day in my life, no matter what the day brings. Some days suck, but that doesn't devalue them, you know?

OK, off my soapbox now -- Let's interpret the prom :) Use fancy material(s) -- if you usually work with "plain" cotton, try some silk or lame or velvet or lace.

So, if I tell you about MY prom dresses, will you tell me about (or show me!) yours?! I'll look for pictures...


I feel like I should be saying *something"...

I wouldn't say things are exactly boring in my life right now, but for some reason, none of it seems terribly interesting to share with you! Hmmm... need to rectify that :) I was going to finish up this darling little angel applique quilt (only needs binding), but there's something else that requires my attention tonight. Hopefully soon, though!


Project Runway Week #6 Challenge

After a two-week hiatus (did you work on your challenges? I didn't, LOL!), Project Runway is back tonight. Wonder what this week will present? I may not make it through the episode, but I'll stay awake long enough to issue a challenge, I promise!

Hmmm... their challenge is to create a look using items from the Hershey's store. I'm not sure what to do with that, to be honest!

OK, here's what we'll do: Use something candy-related -- the wrapper, the paper cups, the plastic bags they come in, whatever -- and you can add whatever materials you need to make an item. I guess you could use the candy too -- how about an M&M mandala?

I actually saw this Ecoist clutch made of candy wrappers in a magazine today; lots more here on thegreenloop.com:
Good luck... and I'm not responsible for any resulting weight gain ;-)


unfortunately. I saw a doctor today (an associate of my regular doc), and he declared a raging sinus infection. I do agree with that, but I'm not convinced it's my only problem. Ah well, I guess we go with it for the moment and see what happens. To make things even more depressing, I'm allergic to almost all antibiotics (certainly all the good ones!), so it'll be a few days before I get any relief.