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Happy Howl-o-ween ... And happy birthday, Dad!
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October block done!

That was fast... I sat down to watch a movie and finished the handwork completely during that time. Yay!

Crazy Quilt Block for Diane

The vertical seam to the left is a whipped backstitch with silk ribbon for the "whipping." The top sort of horizontal seam is just a buttonhole stitch; I stitched it onto the flower fabric, then came back on the little check. The bottom sort of horizontal one has little red grosgrain ribbon just stitched with pink running stitches. I also added the pale blue french knots above the red rickrack, and the button.

The white rickrack... well, in my head, this flipped back onto the block. In reality, that would be two layers of rickrack and six of fabric along that edge, since it's on the seam allowance. Wish I had thought of that first! I'll let Diane tell me if it's OK to leave it as is, or if I should open that edge and remove it. (Oh -- you figured out that my month is February, right?!)

On an unrelated note... I finally broke down and replace the power cord/brick for my laptop. It was a mess, and probably dangerous, since there were frayed, exposed wires. Gee, that was only $118... Now you know why I was avoiding this problem!


October Birthday Block - in progress

In progress - Diane's block
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Some work on Diane's birthday block for October. She picked a crazy quilt BOM from victorianaquiltdesigns.com. I guess I'd say it's a calendar theme -- we were each assigned a month and need to make a block that reflects events, holidays, seasons, whatever for that month. Can you guess my assigned month just from this much work?

My mom sent me a package with some scraps of trims -- laces, ribbons and rick rack -- to use for my block. She's making a cotton crazy quilt, so she has a big black box of goodies like that. (Lucky me -- saved me money and shopping! Thanks, mom!)

I've got two seams to "cover" with hand embroidery, some buttons to sew on, and I have to put something in that plain red fabric on the right. I also could take it off and use something more interesting since it's the last seam of the block. I dunno. Less of it will show in the final product anyway, since the white basting thread marks the 1/4" seam allowance, and there's another 1/2" of extra past that at the moment so I don't wreck the block completely by handling it. I hope!

Of course, I didn't see the little dark thread on top of the block until after I uploaded the photo... Ah well. I'm hoping to get this done this weekend, since it's actually a WORK-FREE WEEKEND. Yippee!


I am alive...

But life seems crazier than usual. Not sure why, but that's life. I'm OK... stay tuned.