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My quilt from class with Melody

Just a quick note -- and a little brag ;)
My mom and are at World Quilt International in New Hampshire this weekend, and took a class with Melody Johnson today. She's a founding member of the Chicago School of Fusing, so this class project didn't even require a sewing machine! Pictured above is my finished quilt top. I'm not sure of the size -- it's in the neighborhood of 20" high by maybe 25" wide. This shot was taken on the floor of our hotel room; it's now fused to batting and ready for some hand embroidery before adding backing and machine quilting.

Pictured below is my mom's finished top -- she's more comfortable with a less abstract approach, so creating the flower in her top panel made a theme for the piece and she's excited about finishing it. She claims it'll hang only in the cats' room, but even so, *I'll* get to enjoy it!

More on the class -- and the show -- later.

EDITED: To rotate the picture of my quilt top, since I posted it upside down last week...
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katelnorth said...

Fun! I'll look forward to hearing more about it all...