Practicing Restraint...

I thought I'd borrow a page from Kate's book (or fantastic blog, more accurately) and show you what I bought at World Quilt over the weekend. From the back left and going clockwise:
  • Martelli 45mm ergonomic rotary cutter (thanks, mom!). I've been wanting to try one of these -- it's a different feeling just playing around with it, but I'm looking forward to giving it a workout.
  • Pattern for a "feathered pinwheel" quilt (paper pieced, all the foundations included, but nothing else helpful, like a yardage chart).
  • Pattern for "Imagination Flower Garden" -- it's designed to use FreeSpirit's Follow Your Imagination line by Prints Charming.
  • Fabric for same -- this project looks like applique, but it's the fabric, silly! (Of course, if it HAD been applique, I'd have left all this behind...) Since it's red and white, I couldn't resist! This was the only item I didn't pay cash for on the entire trip -- pretty good for me!
  • Package of felted wool scraps from a charming vendor. I thought I could use some little bits of various colors on my darling sheep quilt.
  • Bundle of wool pieces, a little smaller than fat eights, from (of all places) Aunt Grace by Marcus Brothers. These still need to be felted, but the colors are gorgeous in wool. Don't know why I needed these, but I did ;)
  • Finally, some gorgeous rayon thread to do the handwork on my Melody quilt. The orange was a half of a two-toned thread -- the other half was a yellow/gold color that looked great on mom's quilt, so we just cut the thing in half. Looks messy now, but the color is perfect.
And that's it -- three days worth of shopping! (We visited the show each of the three days we were there, for an hour or two at a time, mixing showing and looking at quilts as we went.) Hmmm... if I had skipped the red and white quilt, I could have had a gorgeous handmade oval Shaker box instead... Oh well -- the quilt's bound to be warmer!

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katelnorth said...

You may be taking a page from my book in showing your shopping, but if that's all you bought, you definitely aren't emulating me when it comes to actually shopping for quilt stuff!