The Culprit...


A while ago (who knows how long, honestly), I managed to drop a spoon down the garbage disposal. Of course, I didn't know it was there -- that sucker has the biggest gaping mouth I've ever seen -- and when the sink clogged up, I tried to run the disposal, thinking it might help clear the clog. When that didn't work, I resorted to Dran-O -- which showed me the utensil and helped somewhat with the clog. The spoon was wedged in tightly, and I couldn't get it out with the pliers. It didn't take long before the drain didn't work well again.

I finally broke down this afternoon and called the plumber. He met me here literally less than 30 minutes after I called -- that's SERIOUS service. He had to try three different pliers and other tools to extract the spoon, but that's all it took. No spoon = free flowing drain. He reset the disposer and was gone in 10 minutes. WAY easier than I expected, and much quicker, too. Of course, I haven't seen the bill yet...

If you're in my area, I'd definitely recommend them -- Howe & Bassett -- this is the second piece of great work they've done for me in two years. My realtor recommended him... if you're looking for a service professional of any type in your area, may I suggest Angie's List? It's not free, but it's a great service.

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