What Was I Thinking?!

I can't believe it -- things were so crazy here when I got back from the World Quilt show that I never shared my pictures with you, or talked about the actual show. I think I'll do that now, since you're all DYING to hear about it ;)

Mom and I took in the show over the course of three days -- no, it wasn't that big, we just had other things to do, too! After class on Friday, we spent about an hour -- exactly what was needed -- in the smaller exhibition hall. Many of prize-winning quilts were hung in this room, with vendors all around. I think this quilt by Sonia Bardella of Italy was my favorite from this room:

Rolling Into Spring

It's so cute and whimsical -- and it also got an honorable mention at the 2007 IQA show.

Saturday morning, we headed north to visit the Canterbury Shaker Village (more on that another day -- I'll admit to being curious about their religion and way of life), and returned in time for another couple of hours before we gave in to exhaustion and headed up to our room and ordered pizza! Two more hours Sunday morning and we were on the road again...

It becomes harder and harder to choose "favorites" -- I found things to like about almost all the quilts. Some highlights, though, include the two Flori, Flora quilts (one shown here), Tropical Island, Prince's Feathers: Rising Sun and Lucy with a Book:

Flori Flora #? Tropical Island Prince's Feathers: Rising Sun Lucy with a Book

You'll find all the quilts (and appropriate labels) in this set of my Flickr album. Grab a cuppa your choice and enjoy a little quilt show in your pjs. Yes, I have eclectic tastes, so be prepared for a mix of gorgeous traditional quilts, innovative wonders and some cool details. Some are details only -- I snapped to remember a quilting pattern or a specific concept. Those are some of the most useful images to me, so I went ahead and posted them all. (By the time I'd cropped and sized 240 pics, I was too bored to edit the selection anyway!)

More impressions about the show later, I promise.

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