WIP Wednesday ... on Thursday

So here's one of my works in progress... I've been pushing to finish the pieced inner border before my vacation next week, and I finally did tonight. One of the curved blocks is AWOL, but you get the idea...

This is work from a class with Carol Taylor, called Sensuous Lines and Curves. I took this class a while back (where I met smart girl Tammy for the first time) and just haven't finished it.

The components are:
Center -- couched threads and yarns, on blue batik, batting and muslin backing.
Pieced inner border -- isn't that cute with the little bits of confetti? I think they could be a little smaller, but overall, the look is good.
Curved blocks -- several shades of tan and ecru, inset with curved strips of brown, copper and green. Curves are cut freehand (yup, imagine me operating a rotary cutter without a ruler!). These blocks have to be cut to a uniform size -- they're just "raw" in this snap. Once everything is pieced together, it gets layered and quilted with a great copper-colored thread.

I've actually been contemplating making is square instead of a rectangle. There's something that bugs me about this layout -- can you figure out what it is? Making it square would resolve that issue. But, my "big idea" (term borrowed from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr) was Lake Michigan, the dunes and the beach grass... I'm not sure the core idea matters that much at this point, but if I want to keep any sense of beach, this shape makes more sense. We'll see...

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Tammy said...

ha! I had the same problem with mine. You have to come over so you can laugh at how I handled it. Carol T laughed at me too.

But I don't care. I still like my "unfinished" piece.

Nice work girlie!

Love it!!