First, I loved reading about all of your projects in process, and it made me feel better about some of mine ;)

My co-worker Sara randomly drew three names from the box top (a hat wasn't handy), and the winners of the postcards are (in alphabetical order):

Congrats to all -- and to everyone who's working on and finishing a WIP!


Dorothy said...

Well, poo. :o( No biggie, since the WIP is finished anyway. Congrats to the winners, make sure you get the artst to sign them.

katelnorth said...

Cool :) How lucky is that?

AmyB said...

@Dorothy: Your WIP was substantial and you should be proud of it! And I've decided to be a little egotistical about these cards -- I've taken to signing them on the front. Small, tasteful, but there. If the recipient doesn't like it, well, that's just too bad!