Image Meme

Via Jane and Kate:

Here’s what you do:
1) Answer the questions and type into Google image search
2) Post a picture from first
results page

Age on your next birthday:

A place you'd like to visit:
One of your favorite places:

Your favorite object:

Your favorite food:

Your favorite animal:

Your favorite color:

Name of a past pet:

Where you live:

First grade teacher's last name (this is a problem... I know her first name, and I know my sister's first grade teacher's name, but I can't come up with MY first grade teacher's last name. I think it started with W, but honestly, I mostly remember that she didn't like me! I guess I'll go with the first name for now, and amend if I can remember...)

Your middle name (not really, but this represents the middle name I offer when asked!):

A bad habit of yours (safety pins instead of sewing on buttons):

Your college major:

Your favorite holiday:


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Thanks for playing along. Both my daughter and I are scratching our heads trying to figure out your suggested middle name...stone, perhaps? I struggled to think of my first grade teachers last name too...I had to look it up on my old report cards...yes I still have them! Never thought of birthday as an answer for favourite holiday!...Good one!

AmyB said...

Ah... a mystery :) That stone is Jasper.

Although I love my parents dearly, I really dislike my middle name. Some friends became obsessed with it several years back, and spent many days trying to guess it. In frustration, I claimed it to be Jasper, and that finally put an end to the discussion. I've sort of adopted it as a stand-in for the real thing whenever needed.

I still haven't thought of my first grade teacher's last name...

katelnorth said...

Nice to see your answers - I'm with Jane in wishing I'd thought of birthday as a fave holiday. If it makes you feel any better I couldn't remember my first grade teacher's last name for the longest time...

Jason & Lisa said...

Your 1st grade teacher was Ms. Wolf silly girl!