Week #3 Challenge - progress

Just a little teaser of what I'm working on for the menswear challenge. I bought a couple of silk ties and a tweedy wool sportcoat at Goodwill yesterday, and immediately tossed the coat into a hot water wash for felting. I'll tell you, cutting apart a jacket to get at the usable pieces is NOT a fun task. Had I been thinking, I would have looked for a wool skirt with a similar pattern -- easier to deconstruct -- but I rarely think in instances when it would be helpful.

Anyway, I had no plan for this piece (and really still don't, if you want to know the truth). I thought I might be able to make another piece for the Priority: Alzheimer's Project if I kept the dimensions small. I started thinking about a man walking on a windy day, with his tie flapping up, maybe over his shoulder. This piece surely won't be a realistic interpretation of that idea, but I still like the image!

These are just 3" pieces of wool, with the patterns running in alternate directions. I joined them edge-to-edge with a decorative stitch, and ended up with this approximately 9" square surface. Then I took apart the tie (another fun project) and cut some strips, and grabbed some silk ribbon from my stash. I don't really know if it'll look like this, but thought you might like to see my mind at work on an abstract piece. (Don't forget, I warned you I was eclectic in my quilting tastes!)
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