I fixed the link to Christine Thresh's web site in the PJ Week #4 post -- if you were looking for her bra block pattern (or any of her other great patterns), the link is now correct.

Just some responses to comments:

@ Dorothy: thanks for the ladder idea (I wish I had thought of that!)... but I don't get the tutus... I ended up using some leftover flannel from another project, that happened to already have some strips sewn together. His quilt looks like Daffy's, except in Thimbleberry flannels from a few years back.

@ Nellie: I considered making a quilt for my sister's dog (who, despite not being allowed on the furniture, seems to spend a lot of time on the living room sofa!), but that was too much work for the time left. She's getting a butterfly softie to rip apart instead ;)

@Sheri: My previous cat would have done just what your Jingle did -- she preferred cold or glossy surfaces (like magazines or newspaper inserts), and probably wouldn't have much cared for a quilt either. I didn't hold it against her, though -- she was such a sweetie!

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Dorothy said...

Sorry, you don't have kids. Silly me to think you'd know the story.