A little bit of nothing...

OK, I know this is goofy... but I DID sew it tonight, so I might as well show it to you.

My George absolutely loves quilts (as do many cats, I know), so a while back, I made him a little quilt of his own. I mostly throw it on whatever piece of furniture is currently his favorite -- it collects the hair instead of the sofa or chair that way. Infinitely more washable, and it's cozy for him. His quilt is pretty darned ugly, though, and my mom makes fun of it regularly.

I decided I'd make little quiltlets for my mom and dad's cats for Christmas, since they're also huge quilt lovers. The quilt I made tonight is for the kitten (whom I've never met). She's a little tabby, and my mother, in a fit of complete insanity, named the poor thing "Daffy Dilly." (It was spring, and the daffodils were out...) This kitty deserves a special quilt, just for that, don't you think?!

Anyway, I knew I had some cute daffodil fabric, but when I actually pulled it out of the closet, there wasn't even half a fat quarter left. A little creative piecing did give me two strips approximately 18" wide. I grabbed some other yellows and florals, and just stitched-and-flipped this little kitty quilt, right on batting and a plain yellow backing from a curtain project gone terribly wrong. I thought I might satin stitch or applique her name onto one of the strips, but decided that was just overkill!

Now I have to make one for their male cat Jacob... wonder what he would like on his quilt?!
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Nellie's Needles said...

Wonderful! I made a quilt for our dog, Presley to keep the hair and oil off the couch. She's the only one of the six dogs we've had over the last 37 years that's even been allowed on the furniture.

Dorothy said...

"Jacob... wonder what he would like on his quilt?!"

Ladders. Or tutus (two twos) :o) Sorry, it's late.

Sheri said...

Our little cat jingle used to sleep on a hard oak chair in our kitchen. So I made her a puffy little quilt and put it on her favorite chair. The little brat moved to another chair. She wouldn't sleep on the little quilt:)