Project Runway Week #6 Challenge

After a two-week hiatus (did you work on your challenges? I didn't, LOL!), Project Runway is back tonight. Wonder what this week will present? I may not make it through the episode, but I'll stay awake long enough to issue a challenge, I promise!

Hmmm... their challenge is to create a look using items from the Hershey's store. I'm not sure what to do with that, to be honest!

OK, here's what we'll do: Use something candy-related -- the wrapper, the paper cups, the plastic bags they come in, whatever -- and you can add whatever materials you need to make an item. I guess you could use the candy too -- how about an M&M mandala?

I actually saw this Ecoist clutch made of candy wrappers in a magazine today; lots more here on thegreenloop.com:
Good luck... and I'm not responsible for any resulting weight gain ;-)

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