Week #7 Challenge - Project Runway

Hmmm.... create an avant-garde look that is artistic and conceptual, inspired by your model's hairstyle. Frankly, all that hair scares me! You're welcome to incorporate the hair idea if you like, but I'm *not* making it part of this challenge.

Your challenge this week is to create something that is arty and conceptual, doesn't have to be practical in any way. I encourage you to play with new ideas, new or unusual materials, whatever strikes your fancy. For example, Debbie brought home a stash of office supplies to use in quilting... Nellie is working on a piece that will incorporate pieces of spiral binding...

OOOOooooohhhhh -- a twist! Both an avant-garde piece AND a prêt-à-porter piece (gosh, that movie was funny!). Can you translate your crazy vision to the "traditional"? I usually find it I work more the other way -- traditional with a twist, if you will -- so that could be a fun element to add!

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