Does YOUR cat weigh 22 pounds?

Mine does. YIKES. George-the-cat is in serious need of Jenny Craig! (He's so handsome, but very hard to photograph since he's all black, except for a tiny white patch on his throat and about a dozen white hairs under one arm.)

Anyway. We had an emergency vet visit today because George hasn't eaten anything since Wednesday. I'm pretty sure it's anxiety related -- I brought home a whole bunch of boxes and papers that morning in preparation for packing, and he's been in a snit ever since.

They had to sedate him in order to get an x-ray, but fortunately, it seems clear. They also drew blood for the usual panel, and will call with results on Saturday. In the meantime, I'm to encourage him to eat anything, healthy or not, cat food or not. The first temptation was a bust, and he's probably gone back to the nest he made in the guest room closet. I'll try again after a bit, maybe with something else.

Please think calming, but appetite-stimulating, thoughts for George!

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