I spent the day Saturday looking for a place to live in Jersey. I knew I'd be living in far less space than I have now, but reality didn't really hit until I saw just what those smaller places looked like. I have a three-bedroom house now, for just me and George-the-cat... I'm moving in to a one-bedroom apartment with just over 800 square feet. I know, it could be worse! But do you have any idea how much stuff I have?! Holy cow...

It's completely overwhelming to think I have to sort through it all and decide whether to move it, store it, give it away or throw it away. Good times, good times.

For now, I'm taking down the unused window hardware from curtains of days gone by. One more bracket in the living room, then I can move on to the dining room or kitchen... I'm hoping to get away with just touch-up painting on all the trim, in order to save time, since I've got to paint the walls before the house goes on the market. Fingers crossed :)

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