It's going to be a long four weeks...

At least :)
  • George is eating a little -- not his usual amount, but his personality is back in full force, so I'm much less worried. The vet gave us an appetite stimulant on Saturday, and he actually ate quite a bit last night. I can't believe he didn't want the chicken I made him for dinner, but he's still picking at the (nasty) canned food. He's still overly skittish, which isn't really a problem as long as I remember not to drop things!
  • I've spent a LOT of time in the sewing room this weekend... not sewing, but packing. Sigh. I'm down to mostly odds and ends. I'd like to get that wrapped up tonight if I can so I can fold up the tables and make room to take down the peg board and the design wall. That should be an easy evening project one night this week (I hope -- just have to ask dad how to get at the nails in the peg board. I'm sure we screwed the spacer strips to the wall, so that's no problem... or so I say right now!)
  • If I don't call moving companies tomorrow, I'll probably have to carry all these boxes to NJ myself! And that will not be fun.
  • In between the vet appointments on Friday, I went to the doctor myself... the sinus infection I had in January didn't completely go away, and it's back in full force this week. He prescribed three weeks of a different antibiotic, which hopefully will do the trick. I'm allergic to so many of them that I won't take them unless I REALLY need them...
On a completely different note: have you ever had Sparkling Shiraz? Someone gave me a bottle, and I'm not sure if it's a parting gift or a parting salvo! Apparently they're relatively popular in Australia... I found these notes, but would love to hear your experience

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