OK, this is gross...

But I'm going to tell you anyway :) I will, however, spare you the details -- just follow the link if you want more information (and a picture!).

I woke up this morning with a subconjunctival hemorrhage (remember that the conjunctiva is the surface of the eye, and you can work out the rest!) Apparently they just happen sometimes, but try convincing yourself of that when you've just stepped out of the shower, put your glasses on for the first time, and looked in the mirror. Frightening. Seriously frightening. And so not the way to start a Monday morning!

Luckily, it's nothing to worry about, and will eventually go away. The eye doc said it'll look better in 2-3 days; the Mayo Clinic site says 10-14. Anyone wanna bet on how long it will take? Knowing me, it'll be 6 weeks!

I've got news to share, but it's too late tonight to do it properly, so I guess it will have to wait for another time. Patience, "they" say, is a virtue!


sophie said...

Ok, that sounds gross. I'm glad it's not painful and won't slow you down.

Dorothy said...

Got anywhere fancy to be in the next month or so? I'd say it'll last until just after that. Where something red and sparkly with really low cut cleavage - anyone who even notices your eye will assume it's an intentional "accessory."