Mama, [s]he's crazy...

Seems everything is a song this week! My lack of willpower has taken over again, and signed me up for another fun activity. Kate's hosting Another Little Quilt Swap, and, although signups are now closed, she's promising another one in the fall if you're interested. Luckily, the mail date is July 1!

Now, I've *got* to get started on my April birthday block... I found a suitable pattern yesterday that I just have to resize. Yeah, just... ;) I haven't sewn a stitch in how long, and now I have to applique?! Heaven help me.

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blackbearcabin said...

Im excited about participating in this swap too...i love that her deadline is a ways away so that i have lots of time to do it.
It will be fun to see what everyone rcvs...i perused the blogs of all the participants, and there is quite an eclectic bunch!
Have you come up with any ideas for yours yet?
Happy Quilting!