July Block Lotto

I should be sleeping, but since I can actually show you images of something, I thought I'd do a quick post. Each month on the quilting.about.com forum, Sophie hosts a Block Lotto. Each player can submit up to eight blocks, made to the month's specifications, and her (or his) name goes into the proverbial hat for each block made. I've been a lotto "regular" for a long time, although my participation earlier this year suffered due to my move.

Anyway: this month's theme is Quilter's Independence. Basically, they're "quilter's choice" 6" blocks in red, white and blue. I think we'll have several lovely sampler quilts made as a result of this month's lotto!

Without (much) further ado, here are my entries:

July Lotto blocks

They're completely made from the scrap bins. I'm weirdly proud of that fact, as if it actually made a difference in the number of scraps! Still, some of them (the blue in the bottom two) are like five years old. That might not be old to you, but I learned to quilt in October after turning 30... I'm about to turn 36. Those scraps are old ;)

Start counting the days... my birthday and my one-year blogaversary are coming... I'm thinking giveaway...

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