It's been about a million years since I was able to participate in the Block Lotto on the forum at quilting.about.com. I finally managed these two blocks this month... I'll confess, the opportunity to use this itty-bitty-baby rickrack pushed me over the edge. It certainly wasn't the opportunity to make baskets! (I'm one of the 3.7 people on the face of the earth that aren't big basket block fans...)

The rules are one b/w print and one bright per 6" block, with handle options for applique, rickrack and chain stitch embroidery. You're now looking at the sum total of b/w prints in my stash. There was a 7" square of the music print, so I couldn't make the "opposite" block with the b/w for the background. I have only little scraps left. The plaid block is made from a piece of Fresh Squeezed, and it also polished off the last bit of this print that was available. There's enough left to eke out another plaid basket, but no b/w print for a background. (Identical blocks are against the rules, and I don't happen to collect b/w prints like someone I know!)

If you want to make baskets of your own, the pattern is here.
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Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that 1 of your 2 black & white prints is musical! I like the one on the right better though. It's a little more me--if it didn't have a basket on it. Haha! Less then 1 week until I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled "programming". YIPPEE!

katelnorth said...

Hey - I'm another one of the 3.7 - wonder who the other 1.7 people are? The irony of the block lotto in my past has been that I keep winning the blocks which are my least favourite - though I'm doing better this year. I won Scottie Dogs (not huge on dog or cat blocks), then Big Baskets. Then I won the batik sawtooth stars, so that was ok. And now, I won purple & green Buckeye Beauties, so I should stop complaining. But I really must remember to tell Sophie I am donating my chances this month - I sure don't need more baskets.

Kristen said...


I don't like baskets either! That being said, yours are pieced beautifully. Thanks for the help with the triangle measurements for the birthday block swap!!