Sneak Preview Redux

Not the world's greatest photo, but it'll do... my NEW mini quilt is done, and ready to mailed yesterday to... someone who hasn't received one yet ;) This is just a part of my new offering -- my co-worker who ALWAYS has her camera, didn't. We took two pics using the built-in camera on her Macbook... I was too close, so they're a little overexposed. Nonetheless, it saved me waiting around Walgreens for an hour waiting for one-hour photo processing from the film camera (which I did find). With luck, those will be exposed more properly and I can show you the full finished product later.

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Lorraine said...

...that looks great Amy....well done in the short space of time you have had....

blackbearcabin said...

WOW! that was fast...and the little teaser looks fabulous! Looks awfully fancy for someone working under such a time constraint...you go Amy!
Huzzah to you!