Sunburst is Mine!

I must be one of the luckiest swappers! Lorraine's amazing Sunburst quilt landed on my doorstep today. The mailman did NOT force it into my teeny-tiny mailbox, thank heaven, as the package was practically overflowing with goodness already ;)

First things first: Lorraine, this is an amazing quilt. I love it. It's perfect (even if it does have pink in it!). I've been coveting it for quite a while, and I'm thrilled it's mine.

Second: You all know my camera is broken (had hoped to get down to the repair center today, but I had to fight with GMAC for a while instead). I borrowed (OK, copied!) this pic from Lorraine's blog in order to show it to you. Once I'm able, I'll take more pics and show all of the details.

Third: Lorraine also sent an assortment of postcards, a magnet, a little tasty treat (I've never had Koala!), an Australian quilt magazine and a DVD. Totally too generous. Pictures, oh, for pictures. I'll try to keep all the goodies corralled until such time as I can show them off properly!

Fourth: Thanks to Kate a million times over for organizing this swap and everything else she organizes.

Now, I must go work on *my* ALQS package for my super-secret partner...


sophie said...

What a perfect little quilt for you, lucky girl. Enjoy.

Lorraine said...

Amy........I must admit I was worried about the pink - glad you like it....had the best time making it.....I should elaborate for those who think Amy is about to eat a Koala....it is a choccy Koala (with caramel filling - yum)!

Anonymous said...

To me it looks like a Lisa quilt :-) But, I'll let you keep it b/c I'm soooo sweet. Nice job Lorraine!

blackbearcabin said...

Nice Score!!