Why didn't I think of this yesterday?

Since these are small, I dropped them on the scanner bed (hence, the, um, interesting quality of the images!).

The orange-y one is 6"; I don't know what it's called, but I wanted to try a ruler I bought on sale that makes those units. Kind of boring, although I happen to love that fabric -- it's a commercial batik/handdye that looks like it has water spots.

The purple LeMoyne star is also 6". It has the same black background as both the blue blocks -- it's a Kauffman solid black sateen. I like it, but it picks up every little speck of stuff. (Sorry, Kate -- I didn't know in advance!)

The blue one is really only 2-1/4" finished size -- it kind of feels like it wants to be in the middle of something else... Remember these geese are the mistakes (reversed colors) from the center of the 12" triple sawtooth block.

So, there you go. That swap is DONE :) And these will go in the mail as soon as I find the post office...

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loulee1 said...

Well I happen to like the orang-y one.
Your colours really POP against that black background.