Black & Brights (UFO Reveal #3) and a Finished Mini

First, the finished quilt! Right before I moved, I found more thread to finish my first Project Runway Challenge piece from last fall. Of course, the thread didn't get packed with the piece, or with the other thread, so I remained stalled... until this weekend when I had both the thread and the time to work on it:

Feathered Star Art Quilt

I stitched the last corner... and can see that I was a little "tighter" than in the balance of the piece, but all in all, I like it. I'm still not sure about the binding; I think it would have been better a little wider. But that's all the brown fabric there is that matches, so I think I'll learn to like it. Plus, it's done, so that automatically makes it good! Oh -- it's about 16" square, I think... I didn't measure, and I'm too lazy to get up and do it ;)

Now, for today's UFO... it's a completely finished top. But it's not a finished quilt, so it remains in the UFO boxes. I think I'm going to send it out for longarming, since I really don't like quilting on black.

Sophie designed this quilt as a sampler of all the blocks or techniques used in the Beginner Block Lotto on quilting.about.com in 2007. I think it's about 68x80, which makes it a twin size, I guess. I did consider making this in red and white, but decided instead to do something a little less predictable. Forgetting, obviously, how much I don't like quilting on black ;0 [Sophie, if you want me to remove the photo, just let me know.]


Vicki W said...

Your project runway challenge is very cool!

Lorraine said...

that mini is awesome...I love the concept and the border is just perfect....well that's what I think anyway..LOL