Carpenter's Wheel (UFO Reveal #2)

33" Carpenter's Wheel

Here's another oldie from box #1... this is a Carpenter's Wheel, and it measures about 33" square. There's no more of the beautiful green Moda -- maybe a tiny, carefully-hoarded scrap -- so it's basically done at this size. It actually makes a nice table topper "on point," since my dining table is a 36" square. I've displayed it for years in this unfinished state; unfortunately, I see now it has a couple of small spots or stains, probably from being on the table ;)

Why isn't this one done? Another really good reason... I can't decide if I should use batting, flannel or nothing when I "officially" make it a table topper. I want it to be flat, but since the entire thing is made of HSTs, there are a lot of seams and it gets a little lumpy in spots. This one could be done with just a couple of hours of effort on my part, so please advise!


Dorothy said...

Use a lightweight but poufy batting. Wool maybe? The seams will sink into it, the quilting will show off, and you can have this on the table in time for the holiday. The LABOUR DAY holiday!

(It's really pretty, and I agree, that green is yummy.)

katelnorth said...

I'd go with batting, so the seams sink in. Something like what Dorothy mentions would work - and at that small size, wool wouldn't be prohibitively expensive. Or some of the poly battings are quite poofy.