So here's the deal...

I look for patterns in things -- what's the next number in the sequence, how are the tiles laid out on the floor, how many steps to get from here to there, etc. A couple of days ago, it occurred to me that it was possible to make my 200th post, my 1-year blogaversary AND my birthday to align. I'd only have to post a little more than once a day to make it happen.

So, you know I have to try. I'll apologize now for the boredom that is sure to follow ;) Hey, maybe I'll photograph all my UFOs/WIPs and post one each day... at least there'd be pictures. Hmmm...

On a happier note, George's bloodwork was all normal. Just one more test for basic kidney function to rule out super early-stage renal issues, then he's in the clear. Lucky him -- that means a new low-calorie, high-fiber diet to encourage weight loss!

One last thing... new season of Project Runway starts next week. Are you up for the challenge?

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