Some news...

Nah, it's not *that* interesting ;) I talked to the nurse in the chiropractor's office today; he's on vacation, but she gave me the "topline" results from the x-rays last week: nothing of note, other than arthritis of the spine. Sheesh, I'm only 36 (and just barely that)... I've known I have arthritis in my fingers for many years -- probably more than ten -- but I didn't really think about it being elsewhere.

So, the "arthur" (I love that old-fashioned name!) is a source of ongoing stiffness and potential discomfort, but it's clearly not the cause of the current back problems. I get to see a different doc tomorrow -- and it only took five phone calls to get the referral and schedule the appointment. If I'm still not happy after that, I'll have to get serious about finding someone with a more pro-active, whole-back approach.

On an unrelated -- but quilty -- note: have you seen the book Scrap Quilt Sensation? I got it today, and I have to say I'm very happy I did. It's one of the most CREATIVE patchwork books I've seen in a long time... yes, there are some things that are pretty traditional, but there are some new ideas for setting sampler blocks and trying new things that I'm very impressed with. I'm glad to see someone out there (I'd tell you her name, but I can't see it, as the book is on the floor and I'm not!) is interested in e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g our quiltmaking horizons. I have a feeling I'll talk more about this book again. (Note: you might not love all the fabric combinations in the beauty shots, but look past them to the actual instructions and patterns to discover some fun.)


Gina said...

Although it's not nice at least your back problem has a source. I hope your new doctor is more helpful than the others have been.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

katelnorth said...

It's a Katherine Guerrier (sp?) book I think - if so, not surprising it's so good... Might put it on my list, despite not buying many books these days (well, not that sort of books - I'm more into gallery books and surface design books at the moment)