A winner... and a break!

In the opposite order advertised. I took a break from my computer yesterday -- it was a holiday, after all. The wireless issue still has me cranky, so rather than try to resolve it, I resolved to ignore it :) Productive solution, no? Anyway, I was online at some point Sunday, maybe early afternoon, and never went back. It was nice, for a change!

In other -- more interesting to you -- news, we have a winner! Kathie guessed where I went on Friday -- WEGMANS. (There's photographic proof at home, but I'm not there at the moment.) It was like going home again... the signs are familiar, the brands are familiar, the aisles are wide enough for two shopping carts to pass without anyone having to do yoga moves, and the cashiers DON'T expect me to bag my own groceries. I miss it, I really do. Again, evidence of my somewhat-sad existence, to be so happy about the grocery store, I know, but somedays these things make a difference.

And I smiled all the way through the store. (Yeah, people probably did look at me funny, but I didn't care!)

Kathie, I'll be in touch...

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