Or not ;) Weather permitting, I'm headed to the mitten state on Friday morning for a week-long (much-needed) change of ZIP code. I should be packing (or at least eating dinner) instead of talking to you, but why do things the right way when you can do them my way?!

To do:
  • George to kitty hotel
  • Pay bills
  • Eat supper
  • Bank
  • Taxi reservation
  • Pack
  • Change outgoing voicemail greeting at work
  • Set alarm for 4 a.m.
Yeah... it's 6:45, and that's still a pretty long list. I guess I'd better get busy... although if I move slow enough, I won't need to bother with the last one!

7:30p edit: Crossed off supper, taxi and voicemail. That helps!
10:16p edit: Everything is done, except mailing the bills. I'll have to do that tomorrow, because I couldn't find a mailbox tonight! Now I just need a weather report and I can go to bed.

Have a happy everything!


black bear cabin said...

Have a super fabulous, safe, jolly holiday!!!
Not sure about the 4am thing, but when its time for a vacation, i guess you want to start it right away :) heheheh

sophie said...

I know you're already on the road, but . . . I'm still wishing you a safe drive home. I think the snow may stop falling (5 inches last night, 5 inches more today, probably more near your family) about the time you arrive . . .

Shasta said...

I hope you remembered to set your alarm, and are having a great vacation.

Caron said...

Hello from the Mitten State! If you drive up I-75 or I-69 by the Flint area, open your window and shout HELLO CARON!

black bear cabin said...

Merry Christmas!!!