The Bat -- Part II

Ding, dong, the bat is gone, the bat is gone, the bat is gone...

I knew it was too much to hope that he went out the way he came in last night, but since I couldn't find him and George didn't so much as make a peep last night or all day today, I remained somewhat optimistic. That, of course, was too good to be true!

Tonight, though, I was prepared. I've had shoes on all day, just in case, and kept my baseball cap, gloves and a broom within arms reach at all times. (The cap is for my own peace of mind -- I know bats don't intentionally fly towards heads or hair, but anything coming at my head makes me nervous, so the cap helps a little.)

The bat flew by around 8:45p. I grabbed my supplies, looked quickly to see that George wasn't anywhere I could see him, and opened the front door and screen door. Last night's theory was that maybe the bat would fly out the door, given the opportunity. I opted to stand outside the door, and look in, sort of watching his progress toward the door and back. It took a few tries, including my absolute revulsion when he wriggled into my kitchen cabinet (sanitizing needed before using anything in there again!), but about the time George wandered downstairs, the bat caught on that life on the other side of the door was going to be much better for him! Hallelujah -- there was great rejoicing by me when he streaked on out. George seems slightly disappointed, but given that he was completely useless this time around, I don't really care.

I do prefer "my" bats dead (after all, it's not like they're invited guests to start with), but it was nice not to have to deal with the removal process, particularly given that they don't always die inside. And maybe this one will tell his friends just how horrible it was to visit. One can only hope. They can squeeze in through the tiniest holes... YUK!

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