I didn't scream this time...

If I had known that sewing my finger would be the GOOD part of the evening, I'd have gone promptly to bed at 8:30 and covered up my head.

Apparently, my living room looked like a fun place for a brown bat to fly around last night. You know, it always scares the beejesus out of me when that happens. (You're reading the clues right, by the way -- this is not the first time, but rather the third, that I've had a bat for an unannounced visitor.) I didn't scream, but I didn't do anything else right either! I've looked and looked, and can't find him. [See, George got a paw on the first one, and knocked him down and out. The second one knocked himself out flying into walls and landed in a box, which was easily carried outside.] Last night's is still MIA. I did have the front door open for a while last night, hoping he'd fly out... let's hope he did!

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