Counting Sheep

I've developed an affection for sheep in recent years... I used to have a thing for black and white cows, but have decided sheep are kind of cuter. I don't want to acquire tons of sheep decor items and clothing (yup, my family and friends went a little overboard with the Holsteins), so I've been keeping this quiet. Until now, I guess!

You see, on the cover of the previous Connecting Threads catalog was this (top left corner) utterly darling wool quilt with sheep applique, designed by Paula Stoddard. I must have called my mom every day for a week to tell her how much I loved that quilt and wanted one for my very own. Not surprisingly, she got a little tired of my refrain, and kindly asked me to stop telling her about it -- she had eyes, after all, and could see for herself just how cute it was. Being the obedient daughter that I am (eyes rolling), I did stop bugging her.

I was delighted this morning to find, in one of my birthday boxes this morning, the kit and pattern to make it for myself. I'm so excited! And apparently, I'm lucky too -- Connecting Threads isn't showing the kit anymore, which leads me to think it's probably sold out. (I know, one could acquire the wool not in kit form, but I'm into instant gratification these days!)

This should help feed my hunger for "working small" -- I don't think the sheep themselves are more than 4" tall. I'll be machine appliqueing them (Aurifil has a wool thread I'd like to try), and then will have to get my mom to help me with the embroidery and embellishment. Of course, I'd better clear out some other commitments first...

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katelnorth said...

It's pretty cute, you're right. And obviously the calls worked, even if it did bug your mom. Oh, and hey, happy birthday!