Blast From the Past

This just popped up onto my iGoogle homepage, courtesy of WikiHow... This was a big treat when I was a kid, something I always wanted to take to school on my birthday celebration day. (Given I have an August birthday, I usually celebrated at school at another time.) I think my mom wishes she had never discovered this idea -- although they're absolutely darling cupcakes, they're a real pain to make, and more importantly, transport to school! If you choose NOT to share this idea with any kids in your life, I'll never tell ;)


blackbearcabin said...

how totally cute and yummie! did you bake them in the ice cream cone or move them there after they were baked? your mom sounds like an awesome lady! thanks for sharing! :)

AmyB said...

Aren't they darling? The cupcake batter goes right into the cone, so they're baked right in. In that respect, they're no more difficult than regular cupcakes -- but I dare you to try carrying a dozen on a plate!