The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind - 8.5" square

Here it is -- The Ties That Bind. This little quilt was made for Ami Simms' Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI). One of the gals at quilting.about.com challenged the members to make a quilt this fall, as Ami is trying to collect 1000 quilts to take to International Quilt Festival in Houston and sell. I'm thrilled to be able to participate, and would be honored if my contribution went to Houston.

The parameters for the little quilts are pretty straightforward -- each donation must fit in a 9x12 USPS priority mail envelope. Ami auctions off a bunch of quilts each month and gives the money to the Alzheimer's Association. This is a great opportunity to try something new AND make a difference.

A little more about the quilt... anyone who's read anything I've had to say in the last 24 hours or so will recognize the components of this piece. When I trimmed the center panel of my beach quilt, I had some leftovers. Three of the pieces became postcards (those are done, too, waiting for you to tell me about your WIPs), and the rest became this little quilt. Each unit is about 3x4.5, and the total size is about 8.5" square. I put in what felt like 8 million eyelets, then tied the pieces together with a darker brown, nubby yarn.

This piece is made in honor of Laurel G., who has early onset Alzheimer's.


Mary Emma Allen said...

This is a lovely little quilt for Ami's project. And I love your message and the way you've reflected that in your quilt. Since my mom and aunt had Alzheimer's, I'm always interested in projects that help Alzheimer's research and caregiving. I've written about Ami's project on two of my blogs, Quilting and Patchwork and Alzheimer's Notes. Perhaps some of my readers have contributed a quilt.

AmyB said...

Thanks for dropping by, Mary Emma. The quilts being contributed to Ami's effort are amazing, and I've noticed that the sale prices have climbed in recent months, meaning more money for important research.

Christine Thresh said...

That quilt should bring in good money for Ami's auction. I'll look for it there.