We all love compliments, right? Gee, what a pretty skirt, your hair looks nice today, great job on that proposal... But some compliments are more meaningful than others, right? After all, the sales rep who walks in every week and compliments the receptionist on her sweater is kind of "cheap thrill" -- he's giving the compliment to built rapport, it's easy and doesn't cost anything -- part of his regular "patter."

But some people are more stingy with compliments -- it's not that they're not nice people, but they just don't exude compliments through their pores like garlic from lunch. When you get a compliment from one of those people, it means a lot more, right?

Well, I got one of those really sincere compliments today. Not effusive, not over the top, because that's not his style. But it was a much-needed "up" in a very long day, and I had to share.

What's got me all excited? My consultant said four simple words: "You've got good instincts."
Why is this so great? He doesn't pass out compliments like candy bars on Halloween -- one has to do more than is expected to earn them.

I don't think for a minute that he'll cut me any slack on managing the related situation, but given the topsy-turvey nature of my work right now, this is a VERY meaningful, and much appreciated, compliment. Thanks, Chris.

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