Because I find it amusing, I have my daily horoscope (or as Sophie calls it -- horror-scope!) on my homepage. Most of the time, it's just kind of funny -- although I *am* a Leo, I don't have all of the typical traits.

Today's outlook, though, is REALLY on target:
It may be very challenging now to keep it all together, for there is so much happening that your ability to maintain your cool is being tested. Your schedule may get so full that you think about sleeping less just to fit everything in. The pace of life will be hectic throughout this week, so make sure you get your much-needed rest so you can do your best. By Rick Levine Tuesday, September 18, 2007
And that scares me just a little! (After all, I love sleeping... ) The pace of change at work is almost unimaginable right now, let alone manageable. Good times...

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Anonymous said...

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