Quilting Under Pressure

I spent much of today working to finish the quilt my mom is giving my dad for his birthday at the end of October. She originally pieced it to give one of her nephew's stepsons for his 13th birthday, but my dad fell in love with the quilt. So, she started another one for the soon-to-be-teenager and sent the original one to me for quilting, with the caveat that it had to be done by the end of September.

Like the State of Michigan lej (as of this writing, the state is about three hours from a shutdown of all non-essential services, due to continued budget wrangling on the eve of their fiscal year), I apparently function best under pressure! I started quilting it last weekend, and finished today (well before midnight, I might add). It's got a good deal of big, boring meander, but anything fancy wouldn't have shown up on the beautiful animal print focus fabric. There are three rows of 5" dark brown squares set on point, so I quilted animal tracks in them -- thank heaven for Google Images! Since mom is actually going to knot off and bury all the threads, I didn't bother taking pics -- there are a TON of thread tales from the various footprints! I just have to stuff it in a box and pop it in the mail. I LOVE FINISHING!


blackbearcabin said...

Theres nothing like that fabulous sense of accomplishment when finish a project...especially a quilt! Hurrah for you for hitting the deadline :)

ideagirl said...

Wow. You FINISH things?! What's that like? ::laughing::

Congrats girlie!