Finally -- Some Sewing!

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Today was the first day I've touched my sewing machine since I finished that quilt for my dad. Work has been crazier than usual (who knew that was possible?!), and I've been too tired to do much of anything but plop down in front of the TV at night.

I decided today I was going to sew SOMETHING, no matter if it was just a single seam! Luckily, I was more prolific than that, and stitched these three 8" batik Sawtooth Star blocks instead. They're for Sophie's monthly block lotto on the forum at quilting.about.com. Each block is an entry into a drawing to win a bunch of blocks... wouldn't you love a quilt made of beauties like these?

I also made a new block for October's birthday girl, Christine, in the birthday block swap Kate organized on the forum. The first one was so ugly that I had to make a replacement (it's on the left below)... it was a real lesson in choosing the right scale fabrics for blocks with small pieces, and in developing contrast. With a different focus fabric, I also chose a different block, this time Chinese Puzzle. (She asked for 12" blocks in black and Oriental fabrics.) It's on the right below, and appears to be a little overexposed. Oh well -- I never claimed to be a photographer!

12" Rising Star Block for Christine 12" Chinese Puzzle Block for Christine


ideagirl said...

You are sooo talented. Those look GREAT!

blackbearcabin said...

Those batik stars look great...i would love to have a quilt made out of those :) maybe i need to participate in the lotto this month, i havent played in a while! i love the chinese puzzle square...very pretty! Glad you had some time to create...i get depressed if many days go by without making something!
keep quilting!

katelnorth said...

I don't think the first one is ugly, there just isn't enough contrast between the focal prints. The Chinese Puzzle, on the other hand, is stunning.