School's Out, School's Out...

I know, I know -- it's October, and school is definitely NOT out for pretty much anyone I know -- except for me ;) Tonight was the last meeting of the class I teach each fall. Yeah, I know, it's a totally crazy idea -- I can't figure out why they keep asking me back either!

So, I teach a class in public/media relations for students at the Eastman School of Music. It's just seven weeks long, for one night a week, and it can be stressful on top of my "real" job. That said, it's kind of fun to work with these talented students and help them understand how to work with the media to promote themselves and their work. The final project is a complete media kit, with a bio, press release, pitch letter and photographs.

Speaking of photographs, you've GOT to see some of them. My fabulous friend Tammy (IdeaGirl) shot all 13 of my students (plus four others)... and has about 4,800 images to prove it! There's other work on her professional site too, but you should definitely visit and take a look here, here and here. (Scroll away, it's totally worth it!) Amazingly, many of the kids chose photos other than these, although I noticed a couple of my faves were theirs too. They loved the experience and their photos (and each others photos!). Thanks, Tam!


ideagirl said...

Awwww...::blushing::....thanks girl! Trust me - -it was as much fun for me as anyone else! Thanks for having me! xoxo Tam

katelnorth said...

Actually, kids all over the UK are out of school this week for our "half-term" holiday (that is, halfway through the autumn term, which finishes near Christmas). So school's out for me this week too - not to be a nit-picker or anything :)