Quilting or Cleaning...

As if there's any question of which I'd rather do! Someone at the about.com quilting forum posted this little poem today, and I had to share it with you:

My neighbor is washing her windows,
And scrubbing and mopping her floors,
But my house is all topsy and turvy,
And dust is behind all the doors.

My neighbor, she keeps her house spotless,
And she goes all day on a trot,
But no one would know in a fortnight,
If she swept today or not.

The task I am at is enticing-
My neighbor is worn to a rag-
I am making a quilt out of pieces
I saved in a pretty chintz bag.

And the quilt, I know my descendants
Will exhibit with credit to me-
"So lovely-my grandmother made it
Long ago in 1933."

But will her grandchildren remember
Her struggles with dirt and decay?
They will not-they will wish she had made them
The quilt I am making today.

-- Cynicky Phin

Clipping from newspaper found on page 99, column 3 "Patchwork Quilts" Carrie Hall collection, Spencer museum, Lawrence, KS

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katelnorth said...

cute poem- but mainly I wanted to comment that someone, somewhere, is (was) actually named Cynicky Phin...