The Batman

Seriously, you may not want to read this post. I'm writing it mostly to chronicle what I learned today (and wish I hadn't!), because I'll need to know it again in the future, I'm sure.

The Batman came today (he's the bat-proofing specialist, of course). His first stop (after making friends with George the cat) was my attic. I have a full-height walk up attic -- tons of space, although unfortunately it's not very nice up there. All I did was open the door, he turned on his flashlight, and said "You're not going to like this." The further he walked, the worse it got!

Apparently, I have bats living in my attic (probably my belfry too, but that's another topic!). What my dad and I thought were mouse droppings in February 2006 were in fact bat guano. No wonder the traps never caught any mice!

The good news is that it's getting colder and generally bats go into hibernation for the winter.
The bad news is that they're hibernating in my house.

Even if one could rustle them up and out (and put in the one-way exit doors), the products The Batman uses to seal the entrances and exits (and any other place that looks like it could become one) only work when it's at least 60*. Hopefully we'll have a warm, early spring, since I basically have to live with the bats until it warms up.

According to The Batman, bats like drafts, so he advised me to try to wedge towels or fabric under the attic door to stop that cold -- and inviting -- draft. My mom and I decided I should take it about 35 steps further... I bought some 4mil plastic and a staple gun, and I'm just going to seal off that door completely. That way, I can stop the draft (a good thing in general, since it's cold -- my attic isn't insulated) AND keep any bats upstairs who feel the need to stretch their wings! I've decided there's nothing up there I need that badly anyway. I'd much rather sleep at night than have Christmas decorations.

One other thing -- bat guano is very toxic and can cause the lung disease histoplasmosis, so should you ever need to remove some, wear a respirator and have fresh air and open windows. Do I even need to explain that I'm paying The Batman to do that for me?!

So, think brave thoughts for me and sleepy hibernation thoughts for my houseguests, and hopefully we'll make it through the winter without seeing each other :)


sophie said...

Oh nooooooooo !! I'm glad you can do without anything stored up there until the Batman can come back in spring and take care of you.

Christine Thresh said...

My cousin had racoons in her attic and it was terrible. Perhaps bats are better, but ugh. I don't have an attic, but once we had bees nesting in our vent holes (whatever they are called) and we had to call a bee guy to get them out.
That batman symbol always reminds me of yellow lips with yellow teeth. I always have to take a second look.