Chiroptera Defense System

It only took an hour, 600 staples, several yards of red duct tape (the color was important -- to me!), the 4mil plastic and some Jenny Beyer floral fabric from my stash. I securely stapled the plastic to the door frame all the way around -- a killer for the woodwork, but I decided it was a worthy trade off -- and duct taped it to the floor. I also reinforced that around the bottom third of the door on both sides... My George has a serious fetish for vinyl and plastic, and I know he'll be tempted to munch on this.

I then covered the plastic with fabric and stapled around again, but less close together. The plastic itself was less obvious than I expected, but as I said, it's George's favorite snack. I'm hoping by coving the plastic with fabric, he won't be tempted -- or at least able -- to chew through our defense system!

Lather, rinse and repeat for the little storage space door under the attic stairs (access through the landing on the second floor). Return plastic to bag and store on top shelf in sewing room, well out of George's reach. Pretend everything is normal as to not attract any more of his attention than I already have...

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