Dresden Plate for Faye

Here's the latest block for the Birthday Block Swap on quilting.about.com. I seem to have cropped the photo unevenly, but it is 12" finished. Miss November (also known as Faye) requested 6", 9" or 12" blocks in 30s prints on a white-on-white background. Although 30s fabrics are not really my cup of tea, I wanted to make a block that would be typical of quilts of the time.

I was going to print templates from EQ6, but the 16-blade pattern gave three different templates to be used in each quarter of the plate. Since I've never made a block like this before, that didn't seem like a recipe for success! I ended up buying a template set a Joann (making me glad all the fabric was stashed!) to make this block. I wanted to make it smaller, but the only templates they had make this 12" version.

(The block is lying atop my Melody Johnson quilt, so there's a little bright show-through on the white background.)
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blackbearcabin said...

wow...that looks really pretty! im not a fan of the 30's fabric either, but you certainly made a great block for faye! im sure she will love it!

Sheri said...

Love the dresden plate.

AmyB said...

Thanks to both of you!