Oooooohhh Menswear (Project Runway week #3 Challenge)

Love this challenge! The designers are dressing the very stylish Tiki Barber (former NY Giants football star). I so would not want to tackle a shirt and a suit in something like two days. I did think they might give a surprise extension on the time, given the more complex tailoring required by this challenge.

Your mission this week is a project that is distinctly masculine, either through the fabrics, materials, theme, shape or style. Thoughts that cross my mind include:
  • suiting fabrics in traditional dark colors with pinstripes, checks, etc.
  • sports themes, particularly football
  • figures and/or portraits
  • plaid flannel shirts, or other menswear shirts
  • neckties and/or pocket squares
  • anything that reminds you of the men in your life
I have some gorgeous windowpane checked shirting that I bought in the garment district last time I was in New York City... I might use that, or some of the plaid flannel bits in my stash from another project. Or maybe something with pockets...

I'll always associate pockets with my dad, as he refuses to wear a shirt that doesn't have at least one pocket (he prefers two). I bought a cute plaid shirt one year for father's day, and just assumed it had a pocket... You know what's coming next... no pockets. My mom even ironed it without noticing -- but my dad sure did, once he went to put his stuff in there! I'll never live that down...

What does this challenge say to you?

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