Week #2 Challenge -- part 1

Christmas ornament
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If you didn't know it already, you're going to see that I'm very eclectic in my quilting tastes... wool felt, holidays, traditional patterns and color combinations, fun art pieces, postcards, well, you get the idea.

I pulled the wool felt last night for a pair of Christmas ornaments (and felted two small pieces in hot water in a mixing bowl!). I cut everything tonight, but have to find a way to mark the embroidery on the other piece. Maybe tomorrow... After looking at this, I emailed my mom and sister with an addition to my Christmas list -- a circle cutter!

(Photo slightly overexposed -- the inner circle is cream.)

Oh -- this is done because I ran out of thread on the other piece. When you see how close to finished I was... well, let's just say I wasn't very happy! Again, not a great photo -- I suspect the piece isn't really square, but it's showing particularly badly because I'm just tossing it on a quilt rack and hoping for the best!
feathered star WIP -- almost done

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katelnorth said...

I like people with ecclectic sewing interests (being one of them myself) - it's always fun when people flit from one thing to something completely different :)